what we do

Data is everywhere, but data without purpose is nothing more than expensive storage. An essential part of our work is deep diving into what will be useful to you. With our core solutions we help you to know what you don´t know. We decode data to turn it into information and actionable insights. We develop a new stream of revenue. And we can even support you in acquiring new partners to bring data-based business models to life.

"not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted"

William Bruce Cameron 1963

decode to use

correlate to enrich

program to sell

co-create to scale

This entry level service turns a sea of data into meaningful information. Whether you are looking at connecting the dots on your internal data, identifying causal relationships between your different areas of business, building consumer segmentation models or developing and tracking key performance indicators – we can make your data work for you.

We analyze your own data streams, eliminate data silos, clean and upkeep your existing data, aggregate relevant data sources and provide you with intuitive KPI dashboards to monitor and monetize your results.

Going a step further than just the data your company owns, we can determine relevant third party data. This data can be accessible either free or for paid usage, depending on its source. We use these data streams to generate insights and create forecasts.

Whether you are trying to determine the most important key performance indicators for your business, detect and analyze patterns, forecast sales, benchmark against direct or indirect competitors, third party data may offer the missing link in determining your causal relationships. We create deeper, richer and more meaningful data streams that empower you to make informed business decisions.

At this stage, your data is already working for you. To level up, we encourage you and provide full support in turning your findings into additional revenue streams for your company.

In a small step, and by taking advantage of the fact that we have cleaned, processed and programmed your data, you can seize the opportunity to turn it from an internal monetization position into a external source of revenue, by becoming a provider to third parties.

Working with data insights, we can deliver a whole new world of business opportunities. Our work with clients across sectors and industries has shown us one thing – you can build out new business by working intelligently with data. Having gone through the previous stages of decoding, correlating and having ventured into external monetization, we can invite you to join our network and partner up with our vast pool of clients. Together we create and empower new scalable data-driven business opportunities