our compliance

At ignosi data is our core. As such, all data related processes, from collection to management, operation and storage are compliant with European norms set by the European Data Protection Board and ensure all applicable governance for data security, protection, storage and other activities are adhered to.

All processes of either data transfer or algorithm implementation are previously agreed with each individual client, for each different stage of the process. They are uniquely designed to fully protect data from unauthorized use, malware and other cybersecurity threats. This level of flexibility and tailored process allows ignosi to adjust to specific data compliance requirements, or in other cases, suggest and implement the most relevant ones.

As per communication of final results, ignosi uses a variety of data files and formats, such as encrypted files, secure and encrypted cloud services, API gateways or secure file transfer protocols (SFTP), adjusting to each client’s preferred system and oriented to increase usability from the end-user perspective.