everyone is speaking about data.
we make sure your data is speaking to you.

make your data work for you

We are a boutique data monetization consultancy that helps you identify which data is relevant to attaining your business objectives.  We then transform your data into actionable insights and revenue streams. 

Most of our clients are already planning and collecting their data but struggle with making it broadly accessible, generating the right insights or turning it into models for reliable forecasts.

Our multinational team of data scientists, analysts, programmers, marketing and communication professionals, is specialized in analyzing your raw data. We take the time to understand what you really need to know and which key performance indicators are relevant to you. We then transform your data into knowledge and knowledge into actionable insights. Revisised, decoded and cleaned data is no longer obscure or overly comprehensive, but speaks to you clearly, directly and reliably.

When additional context can enrich analysis, we identify and correlate relevant third party data to build smart forecasts that give you a cutting edge. Intuitive and easy to navigate dashboards are put at your disposal to empower you to make informed and data based decisions.

We know data to be the driver behind untapped internal and external revenue streams.  We encourage you to further use your prepared data not only as a source of insights and internal business growth, but as an opportunity for external, third party monetization.

clients and sectors

ignosi develops solutions for different businesses and sectors, for both national and multinational organizations. Our data models have been applied in sectors as diverse as real state, tourism, NGOs, health management and the insurance industry.

HR management



real estate

For a more in-depth look, we will happily provide you with client case studies. So you can get the full picture.
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